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Joseph Antle -
My dad was 15 years old when he stowed away on the SS Newfoundland. He had sea water in his veins and was eager to earn his keep, to help out his brothers and sisters. We're not sure how Dad found his way onto the ship, though he probably hid under a life-raft or in the... read full story
Gene Manio -
After considerable research, we of NL Air Transport decided that seal hunting with ski equipped planes was feasable, although it had not been done before. In early March 1963, I took a Cessna 180, a Beaver and Norseman aircraft to the Magdellan island from our base in... read full story
Grace Butler Difalco -
In 1914 there was a tremendous loss of life for Newfoundlanders, not from any battle of war, but from a cruel battle with nature on the North Atlantic ice floes. Let us now remember the cry of our fallen sealers, especially that of Reuben and Albert John Crewe. For my... read full story
Neal Tucker -
Below is an excerpt from my book, "A Measure of Success: The Story of Elliston," that concerns the perils of sealing. Many families also supplemented the household income through berry picking. Families would spend hours on the hills picking berries. Once their sacks... read full story
Neal Tucker -
Come listen to me and you shall hear A tale of long ago When I was just a child-in-arms ‘Twas by my father told. He was on the ice one day With his brother and two more When the wind shifted to the west And drove the ice off shore. They managed each to get a tow And soon... read full story
Myrtle Stagg -
ELLISTON: One of Elliston's survivors of the S.S.Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of 1914 was (Charles) Charlie Martin . Below is a story that the late Samuel Ryan wrote in 1962 after the interview he had with Mr. Martin who was one of the four men and boys from Elliston... read full story
Ernest Parsons - In Memory of Skipper Thomas Parsons -
My father, was only 14 years old at the time of the Greenland Tragedy, March 21, 1896. Captain George Barbour was in command. The day seemed to be fine, but about 6PM in the evening, a lively storm struck from the north. Only one master watch succeeded in getting his men... read full story
Pat O'Rourke -
There were three men from our town Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove, who were lost in the Southern Cross, Ironic thing about this was their first names was Walter. (Walter O'Rourke and Walter Carroll from Outer Cove, and Walter Dyer from Logy Bay.) I remember as a small boy... read full story
Clarence Dewling -
Written by C. Dewling Newfoundland Disasters 1914 In the spring of the year March, actually There was a terrible loss of life. at The Front when 77 men From the sealer S.S. Newfoundland Died in an intense storm. My grandfather went sealing that year in the Bellaventure,... read full story
Martin Harty -
Growing up in Broad Cove [Duntara as it later became known] a favourite pastime would be when neighborurs came by after supper and issues of the day would be discussed at great length. In the spring of the year the topic would center around what boats were at the ice ,how... read full story

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