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Letter from the Campaign Co-Chairs

Chris Collingwood & Leo PowerWe live in a time of unprecedented prosperity for our province, having realized our aspiration of becoming a “have” province with a bright future. As co-chairs of this two million dollar campaign, we believe that it is incumbent upon our people, in these good times, to remember those whose sacrifices laid the foundation for our present prosperity.

While the seal fishery has played an important role in the year-to-year existence of our communities, it has also helped shape our culture and our society. There is hardly a family in our province that does not have some connection to the seal fishery, and this is true of the members of this committee as well. In addition to personal family heritage, the story of the 1914 sealing disasters has been etched into our collective psyche since we first read Cassie Brown’s Death on the Ice in school. We are honoured to now lead a project that finally attempts to address these pivotal events and create a home for the stories and the memories that go along with them.

We are also proud to work with the members of the Elliston Heritage Foundation, whose vision made this project a reality. They are a determined and enthusiastic group who have demonstrated to us that anything is possible when you approach a cause with passion.

Ultimately, this committee is unanimous in its belief that we as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians must recognize where we have come from to truly understand who we are and who we must become. Please join us in building more than a memorial, but in writing an important chapter in our history.


Chris Collingwood
Campaign Co-Chair
Leo Power
Campaign Co-Chair


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