Government of Canada

Premier Dunderdale
Government of Newfoundland & Labrador






Transcontinental Communications Media

Steele Communications

City of St. John's
Brendan Paddick
Renee Vedd Paddick

FFAW - In Partnership with Labrador Fish Union Shrimp Co; Fogo Island Coop and Professional Fish Harvesters Coop Board

Smiling Land Foundation Communications Media

Pilot° Communications



Elliott EnterprisesNewfoundland Power



Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Baine Johnston

Blue Sky
Anne Whelan

Bank of Montreal

Canadian Sealers Association

Cal LeGrow

Crosbie Group
Rob Crosbie / Lee Shinkle

Harbour International Limited Operators of "Moorfrost"



Paul Antle

Steve Winter

Martek Morgan-Finch Incorporated

Captain Sid Hynes

Penney Group

Provincial Aerospace


RBC Foundation




Cahill Group of Companies

Grant Thornton

Alderon Iron Ore Corp. / Crosshair Exploration - Mark Morabito
David Aisenstat
Frank Ryan and Lynn Burry
Greg Roberts
Gordon Stollery
Honourable John C. Crosbie / Jane Crosbie / Ches Crosbie / Michael Crosbie
John Risley
Leo Power
Paul Cooper
Phil Keeping
Rick & Pauline Gill
Captain Ulf Snarby
Elinor Gill Ratcliffe, C.M., O.N.L.,LLD(hc)

*Persons who donated to the Elliston Heritage Foundation prior to the Home from The Sea Campaign being established


Capital Canada - Bob Foster
Carson Noel
Cox & Palmer - Sandy MacDonald, Q.C.
Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy
PF Collins
Rosalind Walsh
St. John’s Port Authority
Town of Elliston


Richard Carl
Brian Henley
Brian Tobin - BVT
Canada Flurospar
Charles R Bell - Randy Bell
David W. J. Gough MD
Frederick Noel
Ice Caps Care – Danny Williams
Integrated Financial
Judy Sparkes-Giannou/Clayton Hotels - In Memory of Joyce Sparkes
Lindsay Gorrill
Metal World - Joe Butler
Mrs. Diane Fleming - Donor of Memorial Statue Grounds
Mrs. Lily Hobbs - Donor of Memorial Statue Grounds
Muir's Marble Works
NLCU Charitable Foundation Corp
Puddister Trading Company
Rutter Inc

Leader Community

Anne Whelan
Anonymous - In Memory of Rex Tilley
Associazione Italiani Di Terra Nova
Barney Powers
Ben Ploughman
Big Ben’s Limited
Bill Noseworthy
Bob Pike
Bonavista Lions Club*
Bruce Dyke
Colleen Duffett
Colleen Kennedy
Community Foundation of NL
Coordinates Capital Corporation
David Richards
David F Sobey
David, Brenda and Daniel Blackmore - in memory of Capt. John Hann Blackmore, MBE
Derm Bennett, Mount Pearl Plaza
Dr. Jabez and Wilma Norman
Dr. Kevin Melvin
Dr. Ronald Whelan
Dr. Thomas Smith
Elinor Radcliffe
Fraser Edison / Dollard Investments
Graham Wakeham
Guido Del Rizzo
Harbour Grace Shrimp Co Ltd. - Steinar Engeset
Ida Pike
Ida Pike
James & Gail Herder
John Baker
Kevin Dunphy
Kinsmen Club of St. John's
Leann Pardy
Linda, Elaine and Connie White – In Memory of Emily Murphy Power
Lock's Cove Services Max Short
Lorraine Barnett and Tely 10 Sponsors
Mary Byrne
Mary's Harbour Town Council
Maynard Clouter
Mike Maguire
Mrs. Elaine Dobbin
Nancy Cook
Northern Coalition - Rosalind Walsh
Offshore Fish Resource Harvesters Inc
Paul Snow
Paula Collingwood
Quinlan Brothers Ltd.
Ray and Joyce Andrews
Ray Smallwood
Rod Byrne
Sean Power, DFB Group
St. John's DockYard - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
The Honourable J Douglas Cook
The Town of Conception Bay South
Tom Costello
Vickie Kaminski
Wayne Squires
William J. Matthews

Founding Family

Archbishop Neil McNeil – Knights of Columbus
Avalon Captial Corporation
Bell Aliant Pioneers - Fort Pepperrell Life Members Club
Bill & Connie Doty
Bill Matthews Volkswagen Audi
Bob Pike
Bonavista Area Chamber of Commerce*
Cape Ashley Fish Limited - Dwight Spence
Charles White
Children of Drucilla (Kelloway) Swain
Cyril Goodyear
Donald Blackmore - In Memory Captain John H Blackmore MBE
Doug Tilley
Emma Butler Gallery
Eugene & Joan Manning
Father Edward Brophy
Frank & Eileen Gronich, For the Brave Men who lost their lives on the Seal Hunt
Frederick Carter - In Memory of his father, grandfather, uncles and brothers born in Greenspond (Ship Island)
Gerald, David and George Tilley – In memory of Clarence Tilley-Merchant
Grandchildren of Victoria (Crewe) Cole, in honor of Great Grandfather Rueben Crewe and his son Albert Crewe
Harbour Authority of Bay de Verde - In Honour of sealers both past and present from Bay de Verde and surrounding communities
IBEW Local 2330*
J.T. Swyers Co. Ltd.*
Janie O'Leary/The Children of Drucilla (Kelloway) Swain, In Honour of Henry Charles Kelloway and Albert Kelloway of Perry's Cove
John Power and Family, in Memory of Jenny Power
Karen Youden and Stephen Walsh, in memory of Joseph Youden
Knights of Columbus NL & Lab. State Council
Maureen Dunn - In recognition of Lieutenant Governor John Crosbie and Jane Crosbie for their significant contributions to their country and province and their many kindnesses to me and my children.
Maynard and Eleanor Clouter
Molson Breweries Limited*
Nancy & Glenn Pearce – In Memory of Ches Stagg
Para Engineering Inc.
Peter and Beverly Rockwood
Peter and Heidi O'Flaherty
Redpoll Foundation
Robert Forsey
Robert Noseworthy
Ruth Crewe
The Clarke Grandchildren – In Memory of Henry Clarke of Carbonear
The Ryan Family, In Loving Memory of Clifford & Ruth Ryan (nee Hobbs)
Tourism Elliston*
Vic Young


"Red Bowling Team" Mary C., Mary V., Helen R., Kay B., - In Memory of Joseph Antle
A. John Noel Q.C.
ADR Services Limited*
Albert Cullimore
Alonzo & Dale Abbott
Amelia and Robert Earles - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
Angela Clouter and Paul Smith
Anne L. Gosse- In memory of Reuben and Albert John Crewe
April Thomas
Arthur Watkins
Artisan Inn/Twine Loft*
Atlantica Solutions Inc.
Avalon Consulting*
B&B Line Construction*
Bernice Tucker
Betty Goodland
Bill and Bonnie Sinnott
Bill Gaulton
Bill Synard
Billie-Joe Hodder - In Honour of William (Billy) Shea
Brian Donahue
Brian Hudson
Brian Iggulden
Bridget Fernandez - In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
Bruce Coombs
Cabot Building Supplies*
Carla Foote
Carol Mercer
Cecelia Ratelle
Cecil and Marcella (Holloway) Burridge In Memory of Josuah Holloway
Chantel Burry
Chris Collingwood Jr.
Christopher Caddigan
Cindy Onyia
Clarence and Sarah Dewling
Clarke Enterprises Ltd.
Claude and Bernise Robbins
Claude Edgar
Claudia Knowles
Clyde Plowman Ltd
Cohen's Home Furnishing*
Conception Bay South Lions Club
Cupids Historical Society, In Honour of the lost Sealers from Cupids
Custom Computer Limited*
Cyril Cochrane -In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
Dallis Clarke Lane – In Honour of my Great Uncle Reuben Crewe and his son Albert John Crewe
Daphne and Paul Batten - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
David B. Flemming
David Hearn
David Keating
David Wells
Dawn Ring - In Memory of Alexander (Skipper Alex) Perry
Dean Bellinger
Deanna Rebellato
Debbie Hunt - In Memory of Joshua Holloway
Debbie Legrow
Deborah Youden
Deirdre Greene
Denis Galway
Denise & Todd Young
Denise Brophy
Denise Porter
Derek Butler
Derek Mercer
Dermot McGrath
Des Hawco
Diana Krueger - In memory of Reuben and Albert John
Discovery Shooting Club, Inc. (Elliston)
Dogberry Inn*
Donald Barry
Donald French
Donna Padden
Douglas & Gertrude Elton
Douglas Smith
Dr. Melvin Baker
Dwayne Cull - In Memory of Reuben Cull originally of Great Brehat, NL
E A House/Margaret House-In honor of generations of brave men who gave their lives and the seal hunt
Edison Tarbett*
Edmund and Nellie Power
Elizabeth Clouter
Elizabeth Goodyear
Elizabeth Noseworthy
Elizabeth Roche - In memory of Stephen Donovan
Elizabeth Scammell-Reynolds (Reynolds Fine Art Services Ltd) – Alex & Frank Scammell - lost on the ice Apr 8, 1916
Elizabeth Skanes- In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
Elliston Recreation Committee*
Eric & Ivy Sweetapple
Ethel Cochrane*
Everard and Joyce King, In Memory of James W. Hollett
Ewart & Dianne Locke
Fabian Manning
First Choice Auto Body*
Florence Coffee
Fran Cook
Frank and Rosemary Galgay - In Memory of Joseph Antle
Frank, Joanne and Nelson Quilty - In Memory of Frank Quilty, St.John's
Fred Rowe
Fred Russell
G. Doody*
Garnish Lions Club
Gary Oldford
Gary Penny
Genevieve Dawson
Geoff Drover - In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
George Legge – In Memory of Grandfather Hezekiah Seaward frozen to death on ice SS Newfoundland
Gerald Noseworthy
Geraldine and Murray Chaplin - In memory of Joe Antle
Gil & Maureen Wilkins
Gladys Burke
Glenda Barnett
Glenda Clouter
Gordon & Bev Power*
Gosse's Iron Works*
Goulds Lions Club
Grace Kelleher
Gros Morne Wildlife Museum
Halcum Stanley
Harley Owners Group
Harold Keough
Hatch Mott MacDonald*
Helen Joy Butala-McCormack
Helen Luffman
Helen Ottenheimer
Henry Brown
Henry Hillier
Herb Davis
Howard B Batt
Howard Noseworthy
Hr. Authority of Black Duck Cove*
Hr. Authority of Brigus South*
Hr. Authority of Catalina*
Hr. Authority of Harbour Round*
Hr. Authority of Jackson's Cove*
Hr. Authority of Riverhead*
Hr. Authority of Summerville*
Irene Baird
Irene Barnett
Irene Pack
Irvin Crane
Janes & Company Limited*
Janet Fox-Beer In Memory of Joseph A Antle
Janice Worthman
Jaynie Starr - In Honour of my Great-Uncle William Oldford of Elliston
Jeneane Cannizzaro
Jennifer Collingwood
Jennifer Terris
Jessica Banfield
Jill Bidgood
Jim & Joan Mercer
Jim Armstrong
Jim Edgar
Jim Hickey
Jimmy Judge
Joan McKibben
Joan Rumsey
Joe Smith
Joel Levis
John & Ruth Noel, In Memory of Murdo Murray
John and Kathleen McTague
John C Crosbie, PC, OC, ONL, QC - In Memory of Dr. Nigel Rusted
John C Crosbie, PC, OC, ONL, QC - In Memory of Winifred Munn
John Charles Snow
John Doody
John Hodder
John Ottenheimer
John Snow - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
Joyce Horwood
Judy Dale
Judy S Dale
Julie & David Eveleigh*
Julie Clarke - In memory of Reuben and Albert John
June Perry
Justin & Tyson Russell - In memory of Captain Morrissey Johnson
Kaleb Kean* – In Memory of Eli Kean
Karen Robinson*
Kathleen and Patrick Brown
Kathleen Furlong
keith greening
Keith Maddocks
Ken O'Brien- In Memory of an O'Brien who died on the SS Greenland sealing disaster in 1898
Kenneth F Le Breton
Kevin and Kay Smith - In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
Knights of Columbus - Bishop Scheffer Council #6378
Knights of Columbus - Holy Spirit Council 6792
Knights of Columbus - Ville Marie Council 10599
Knights of Columbus Council 7702
Knights of Columbus State Council
Lee Knowles
Lily Critch
linda roche
Linda Facey
Lions Club of Mount Pearl
Lisa Chafe
Lloyd Sullivan
Lois R Hoegg
Loretta Brake, In Honour of Capt. Richard Hynes
Loretta Reid
Lorin Hart
Lorne and Marjorie Tilley
Lorraine Porter - In Memory of Joseph Batten
Loyola Sullivan
M & J Antle
Madge Noseworthy
Madonna Judge
Marc Williams
Margaret Cahill - In Memory of Joe Antle
Margaret Clouter*
Margaret Earle
Margaret House
Margaret Hynes
Marie & Philip Dalton, In Memory of Theophiles Chaulk and Jacob Dalton (Survivor) of Little Catalina
Marie Escott and Suzanne Bill - In Memory of Joseph Antle
Marie Hamilton - In Memory of William Lundrigan
Marie Mulley - In memory of Chesley Stagg
Marilyn and Graham Feltham
Martin Suter
Marvin Oldford
Mary & Robert Baint*
Mary and Douglas Belbin - In Memory of Joseph Antle
Mary Batterton
mary watson
Mary Woodford
Matthew Mercer
Maureen Clarke
Maureen McGrath
Mendell and Catherine Miller - In Memory of Richard Cole Crewe
Mercer's Marine*
Michael Collingwood
Michael Elliott*
Michael Johnson
Michelle Smith
Mike & Ena Young
Mike Seward – In Memory of Frank Seward From Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay
Mike Stapleton
MIllie and Clyde Earles - In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
Molly Brophy
Monseignor Finn Council
Moores & Collins
Mr Douglas Bussey - In Memory of Joseph Antle
Mr. Cyril Pinsent - In Honour of Robert Matthews
Mr. Harold Wareham
Mr. Printer*
Mrs Sheila Dillon - In Memory of Joseph Antle
Mrs. June Kean
Ms Ingrid Pardoe
Munden & Katharine Waye - In memory of grandfather Noah Way of Bonavista, a survivor of the Viking Disaster
Murdo & Hilda Murray – In Memory of Royston Kelleher
Myrtle Stagg
Neal Tucker
Neil Pittman
New Island Resources Inc.
Newfoundland Emporium
Nicholas Dawe
Nicole Woodford
Norman Steele
Norman Warren*
North Atlantic Petroleum
Ocean Choice Int'l Ltd.*
Olivier R van Lier - Phoebe van Lier
Parkside Inn*
Patricia Wilcox
Patricia Williams
Patrick Duke
Paul T. Hiscock
Paula O'Keefe
Peggy Templeman
Percy & Drodge Management Consultants*
Peter J. King
Peter Laing
Phil Willette
Philip A Saunders
Philip Saunders
Phyllis & George Crewe
Pinetree Lodge & Cabins
Port Rexton Area Lions Club
Port Union Lions Club
Preston McGrath
Price Waterhouse Coopers LP - In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
Priscilla Pike
R. Mulley
Randy Barnett
Randy Dawe Photography & Framing Inc.
Raymond & Maureen Whalen
Redwood Construction*
Regina Power
Rennette Madill – In Honour of my Great Uncle Reuben Crewe and his son Albert John Crewe
Retired Teachers Regional Bona
Reverand Harry and Christine Templeman
Reverend Trudy Gosse
Rick & Judy Harvey
Robert J Dunne
Robert Stack & Margo Connors* – in memory of Edward P. Stack
Robert Williams
Rodney Lewis
Roland Henderson
Roxanne Morrissey
Royal Garage Limited*
Sacha Chan Kam
Sandra and Wayne Pye - In Memory of Joseph A. Antle
Sean Callahan - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
SGR Fisheries Limited*
Shannon and Margaret Ryan - In Memory of Joseph Antle
Shannon Snow
Sharon Reeves
Shawna J Horne
Sheilah MacKinnon Drover
Shirley's Haven*
Short's Apartments*
Sonya Pitcher
South Coast Insurance Ltd*
Southern Shore Holdings
St. Kevin's High School - In Memory of the Sealers from the Goulds and Petty Harbour
Staff of the Veterans Pavillion - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
Steers Insurance*
Stephen B. Duffett
Steven Smith
Summerville Fisheries Ltd.*
Sweeney’s Service Centre
Sylvette Leblanc
Terra Nova Trusses (1994) Ltd.
Terry Burry
The Cartwright Town Council - In Memory of David D. Pardy
The Company of Master Mariners of Canada NL Division
Thomas Gordon and Mary O'Keefe - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
Thomas Smith and Jane Smith - In Memory of Richard Crewe
Timothy Fahey
Tom & Theresa Ennis
Tom and Grace Difalco
Troy Thompson
United Steel Workers Local 9503 - In Memory of Joseph A Antle
V & V Irvin
Valerie Roland
Vicki Dawe
Victor Lewis
Walter Tucker
Wescal Sports*
William & Wayne Tilley
William and Elaine Janes, In Memory of Allan George and Mary Jean Goodyear
William and Jean Burry - In memory of Edgar Howell
William Crosbie
William Goulding
William Goulding and Heather Hanrahan
Yvonne Thompson - In Memory of Joseph A Antle

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